Why I keep dogs

I’ll explain what my house is like to better paint a picture for my story. I have a detached, single story house with front yard and back yard. All properties are the same in the street and my neighbour parks his ute across his front lawn, close to the street. It’s a quiet street with only one entrance at the middle of it, and either end being cul-de-sacs. I park my car on the driveway beside my mum’s car.

It was about 10pm and I went outside to go to my car to get my laptop from my back seat. As I walked outside, the light came on and illuminated a man walking past on the street. It gave me the creeps as I wasn’t expecting someone to be right there walking. I went to my car, grabbed my laptop bag and shut the door. I looked back and that person was no longer around as if they vanished into thin air. I was puzzled. I should still see them walking but I didn’t. That’s what freaked me out. My dog loved going outside, so I let her out into the yard with me. I walked with her for a few moments down the end of the driveway. As soon as we got there, she started barking at my neighbour’s ute.

I looked over and couldn’t see anything right away, but as my eyes adjusted, the man was under my neighbour’s car. I stood frozen in fear, but it was in that moment that I mustered the strength to yell at the top of my lungs – WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING !!! The man got out of the car and ran away down the street in the opposite direction.

I told my mum the story and we called the police. My neighbour’s car had been broken into which made the situation even more surreal as the man did not come from that direction when I first walked out of my house.

That’s why I keep dogs.

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