Alone in the Gym

I am a small 19 year old girl, about 5 feet tall.

I frequently work out at a 24/7 gym and make sure I go every second day, no matter the time of day or night. Each gym is well lit, has CCTV inside and out, the parking lots are usually well lit and there’s always at least one other person working out at any given time. The only way in is with a security tag which you swipe on the reader by the door. The front of the gym is made out of glass windows.

So I was working out one late night and had my ear phones in. In between song tracks, I walk over from one machine to another and I hear someone pulling at the door handle of the gym. It’s unusual as there’s usually a buzz that precedes someone pulling a door open, so I look over and see a man, who isn’t wearing gym clothes, on a bicycle leaning over and trying to open the door.

I figured he might change later, so the music got louder in my ear phones and I started working out on the next machine.

I looked up and the guy was gone – nowhere to be seen. If that door didn’t have security on it, what would have happened to me not knowing he was standing right behind me. I wouldn’t have heard him enter, and I would not have seen him until it was too late.

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