Noises in the night

I had just recently installed security cameras for my friend, and was checking them after going out one night and ending up at their place.

They wanted cameras because they lived on a corner block between two busy streets and were worried that someone may jump the fence and try to break in – and if they tried, at least we’d have something to show the police.

The way the system worked is that it recorded in 2 minute intervals, so I had to watch each 2 minute clip. As I was checking the cameras I came across the night footage and something possessed me to stare into this dark spot on the particular clip I was watching. The spot was the corner of the backyard beside the main road next to fences.

I suddenly saw a thin person come out of the darkness and climb onto the fence. The thin person appeared to be a boy or a man. My heart beat so hard at this point that it nearly came out of my chest.

He then sat on top of the fence, dangling his legs, then eventually jumped down. I played back the clips leading up to it. It was the neighbour’s boy sneaking out of his yard, cutting across my friend’s yard to reach the street as he’d probably get caught leaving at night.

I showed my friend all the clips. She was understandibly creeped out. My friend stated that the noises that they heard every other night was probably this boy coming and going, and not the wind.


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