Always trust your gut feeling

I regularly caught up with my friend every week. This week, we decided that I would meet him at his girlfriend’s house and pick him up to go out clubbing. I’ve been to his girlfriend’s house plenty of times before to visit him. It’s up in the hills and a bit out of the way, but not that far from my house. It’s in a mobile black spot, so there is no reception and it is a very quiet place. The properties were very large, farm-like properties with a lot of trees and shrubs. But no farm animals.

The only light I have on the roads are from my headlights. After driving up the long, windy, bumpy driveway which was overshadowed by trees, I reachrf the house and parked my car.  I knew his girlfriend went back home to Fiji for a holiday, so I knew no one else would be home . I got out of the car and knocked on the door, assuming my friend is home. No answer. My friend wasn’t home yet and I had no way to contact him to find out where he was. I stood on the porch by the light which came on with motion because I didn’t want to sit in the car.

I heard noises coming from the rear of the house, but I didn’t pay much attention. The noises continued during my pacing up and down the porch and front yard. I started to become concerned and wondered to myself if there was someone else here. I didn’t have enough courage to go check it out on my own as it was pitch black, so I stood closer to my car in the hopes my friend was home soon.

45 whole minutes later, a car comes roaring up the driveway. It was my friend finally showed up to the house. I told him about the noises but it didn’t concern him. He told me that it’s normal as the wind causes the blinds surrounding the patio to bang against the posts. I was immediately put at ease and I dismissed any further concerns. We left almost as soon as he arrived.

Later that night, I dropped my friend off home.

The next day,  I received a text from my friend telling me that his girlfriend’s house was broken into. The back sliding glass door was smashed, the house was trashed,  and the safe was tampered with. The curtain at the front window was open as if someone was watching me at the front porch.

Always trust your gut feeling.

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