My creepy encounter at Kmart

Last night I was shopping at a Kmart in northern Western Australia in the winter to buy a ping pong table for my son’s birthday in a week’s time as he loved to play ping pong. There werent any other shoppers there except for  me and another man who came in after I did. The […]

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I used to live alone in a small, one bedroom upstairs apartment. At night, when I was either in bed or in the bathroom, I would hear someone walking across my little living room floor toward the balcony and back again. When it first started happening, I was too scared to do anything other than […]

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Why I don’t answer my door

I got a knock at the door. I never open it unless it was for someone I knew was coming or pizza. This time it was pizza. It was about the time it was due, so I opened the door without checking the peephole in excitement. Sadly, it wasn’t the pizza delivery man. It was […]

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We gave a hitchhiker a ride..

A newlywed couple, Nathan and Heather, were driving up the northern California coast to spend their dream honeymoon in a quaint bed-and-breakfast with a seaside view. They had hoped to arrive before dark, but a heavy fog had descended on Highway 1 and their progress was slow. They were still at least an hour-an-a-half from […]

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Her head has not been found

About 3 years ago, I lived in a unit-complex of about 20 hours. Each house is single story and semi-detached to a degree. We each had a patch of garden and car port to park our cars in and it was the best I could afford on my low-wage job while studying at uni. As […]

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I avoided my death…

I live with some roommates in inner Sydney, which is the largest city in Australia in an open apartment building, meaning that instead of having enclosed foyers and hallways, our front doors open to outdoor balconies. We live on the third level. Rent in Sydney is the highest in Australia and everyone wants to live […]

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Held up at the gas station

I was driving to visit my brother’s in Newcastle, Australia after leaving Sydney a couple of years ago. On my way there, I realised I needed gas because I was nearly empty. It was late at night and I wasn’t familiar with the area but thankfully, I found a place that was still open. I […]

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The killer in the laundry room

When I was about 14 and living in Ottawa, Canada there was a story circulating about a babysitter who, after putting the children to bed, heard the washing machine or dryer turn on for a brief period and then turn off again. Now, the laundry room was situated on the ground floor of this split-level […]

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I had killed an innocent cat

I live in the rural north part of Western Australia. Four wheel drive country. This story takes place in wet season. Anyone who has visited the outback or any rural towns in Australia will know what I’m talking about but for those of you who haven’t, the rural north parts have two seasons: Wet and Dry. […]

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Stalked by a BMW

I thought this was all in my head. Coincidence. Paranoia. But I swear, every time I got in my car, I was followed by the exact same car. First, let me give you some background info. I lived in a town-house in Melbourne, Australia, not far from the city. I won’t reveal the suburb I […]

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I got our house haunted

I haven’t thought about this exprience in a long time but listening to many scary stories made me realise that you never know who’s watching (lol…) When I was about 7/8 years old, my paternal grandmother (we called her babka) passed away. She lived alone and although we didn’t see her as often as we […]

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Master Jack

The other night I had to get my clothes off the clothesline in my backyard because I had work the next day. I have a big 200lbs Mastiff boy named Jack who lives in my backyard so I felt safe even at night knowing he was there. He was normally pretty quiet but you’d basically […]

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Murder Mystery: Part six

For many weeks, I had been watching the news after some recent murders in Australia had made the news here in the UK. The victims were tourists mainly from Europe who, according to the evidence found, died horribly. Countless stabbings, multiple gunshots to the face and even decapitation. I feared for these unsuspecting people in […]

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The Animal Boy

I live in Australia and if you know a little about Australia, you’ll know that the Aborigine people are indigenous to Australia before the British came to settle in the country. Because of this, the Australian Government is very sensitive to the Aborigine people and has made efforts to pay respect to the people and […]

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Tales from the Outback: Part 2

I’m back with another one of my whacky Australian outback tales! One a recent tour of mine, a weird man joined our group. He seemed entirely disinterested in what was happening around him and never spoke to anyone or got off the bus during photo stops. He even rejected the meals that were prepared during […]

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The Weirdo in the Wilderness

This occurred roughly 14 years ago when I was twelve years old and living in east side Australian rainforest. We encountered a strange man who started becoming obsessed with being part of our family…   Stay safe, because you never know who’s watching. Mr. Reality

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The Smell of Death

I had taken my mother to a local surgery one afternoon as she was due for a check-up following a successful surgery a week ago. It was a long wait its deprivation of nicotine intake got the better of me, so I excused myself outside to replenish my rapidly fading levels. There’s a parking lot […]

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Burned alive

I am writing this story to share with you the dangers of living with anyone who you know or suspect is involved in illegal activities. It could cost you your life. About 6 years ago, my son met a girl on Tinder and the two became very fond of each other. My son was a […]

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The story I’m writing is one that still affects me today. I am retelling this story to the best of my knowledge based on the information I have learned since regaining my memory. I was on a ladder, clearing the gutters of my 2 story home in the densely forested Hinterland in Queensland Australia. The […]

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Tales from the Outback: Part 1

I was a tour guide and was doing my usual trip along the Stuart Highway. If you’re not familiar with Australia, it is longest and straightest highway in the world where you won’t encounter a fellow soul on the road for hours. Civilisation is so far away, you can’t even use a phone as there […]

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Murder Mystery: Part five

I am in my late 50s now, but back some 25 years ago, I became friends with a German couple back in Australia. It’s this time in my life that defined how I decided to live the rest of my life. It’s been many years since I have had to recall every detail in this […]

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Just around the corner

My girlfriend and I were so busy, that we barely had time to fix stuff up around the house. One night, we finally had time to do something. So after the kids were put to sleep, we got to working on the fence outside to keep the dog from escaping. I realised I needed my […]

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I Lost My Son

My story is not something I talk about with anyone but it has been eating me up inside that I wanted to share it on this forum in hopes that it reaffirms you to not take anything for granted. My name is Lisa and I am a woman in my 50s and am married to […]

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Murder Mystery: Part four

At the time of this story, I was a police officer working for the New South Wales state police in Australia. I was working in the traffic police department, so my job was to patrol the road and make maintain the safety of road users, occasionally pulling them over for breath tests, make sure their […]

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The Rogue Firemen

I am a security guard for a private company. We are in charge of a shared shipping facility which is quite large and has multiple sheds and parking areas. I was working the late shift as I had done for the past 15 years. It was a pretty quiet job, not much happened and I […]

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The man in the window

I had fallen onto bad times. My wife and I had split up. Basically, she kicked me out of our own house. We met at a man who, himself, had fallen onto hard times at a pub one night, and being good Samaritans, we invited him to stay with us until he was back on […]

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Get Him Out of My Room

I’m not a writer- just here to tell my story, so please excuse any grammatical errors. Shortly after my son turned four, we finally made it out of low income housing after living there for ten horrifying months. In my 22 years, I had never seen such violence, drug activity, and poverty. We were elated […]

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The creep at work

Let me start off by saying that I am no where near being an attractive girl nor do I get much male attention, but this is what happened to me after joining a prestigious law firm in Boston (yes, I know what you make be thinking but that’s just a TV show). I started working […]

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Popularity kills

I worked for a big mining company which was based in the Chicago on South Michigan Ave. Each day I woke up, went for a jog at the park near by apartment, showered, went to work, had lunch by Monroe Harbor with a female colleague, and finished my day before going home at 5 o’clock. […]

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The Missing Girl

I reconnected with a friend from school some years ago. She wasn’t the same outgoing, confident and athletic person that i remembered and used to date. In fact, she was anxious, timid and was on the opposite spectrum of athletic – it worried me as it was certainly unlike her. After reconnecting and getting to […]

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The invisible friend

This happened to me just recently. I woke up and like every morning before it, I went to check my phone as I took it off charge. To my surprise, I found over 120 text messages from a friend of mine. He was someone I spoke to on a semi-regular basis and was definitely not […]

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Why the Mormon church scares me

When I was twelve or so, the Mormon church celebrated the 200th anniversary of the day Joseph Smith had the experience they call The First Vision in which, after praying in a forest, he was said to have seen God and been given the instruction that would eventually bring forth the creation of the Mormon church.  […]

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Murder Mystery: Part Three

My name is Simone and I live in Regensburg, in the south of Germany, but I was called Simi by my friends. I grew up in Germany by my father, Paul and mother, Erwine. I have no brothers and sisters, and he has no brothers or sisters, either. The grandparents of my mother and father […]

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Headlights: Part Two

I was driving home on a highway at night. It was pitch black and only illuminated by my car’s headlights. The speed limit is 110km/h (70 miles/hour) and I was doing a bit over. Suddenly, I was flashed by police behind me, so I pulled over. The police stopped behind me and muted their siren, […]

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Real photos with creepy back stories

Below are some images that’ll give you goosebumps. Some of these images were seconds before death and others made the news headlines. Check out these images with creepy backstories:   Mass Suicide in Jonestown Peoples Temple was a religious cult started by Jim Jones in the 1950s, preaching against racism. This attracted many African-Americans, as […]

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Don’t judge a book by its cover

In my teens, I met a girl through MSN Messenger, her name was Anna. I received a friend invite after signing in one afternoon after coming home from school. MSN always showed the display name of the contact and the e-mail address in brackets. I remember the e-mail address being and thinking that this […]

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Murder Mystery: Part 2

The following story is true and happened to my father some years ago. My dad was an avid explorer and frequently hiked in various remote forests. I still don’t understand what motivated him to walk through such remote areas, especially in a time where cell phones weren’t around, but he was extremey passionate about hiking. […]

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Failed Kidnapping

I was 17 years old at the time, and lived with my mother and younger brother. She worked nights, so I was often left alone with my brother at nights, so usually came home about 12am. It was a Saturday night. Our neighbours were having a party next door and they tended to be loud, […]

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Murder Mystery: Part 1

One morning in 1992, my husband and I were running through the Belanglo State Forest in Australia. We were training for an event held by the Orienteering Club, a sport where you navigate yourself out of unknown area to a finish point using just a map and compass before other competitors do, so we drove […]

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February Update

Hello, and thank you to all the new subscribers over for the past month for following Mr. Reality, and to all you existing subscribers who have supported me. I have recently released my January volume of scary stories on YouTube, click here to check it out and click here to subscribe to the YouTube channel. […]

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